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I just got back from a fantastic trip to Vancouver. I got to play a few songs before The Great Lake Swimmers played at a beautiful wedding on Salt Spring Island. Then I played with T.Nile and Scott Dunbar at The Railway Club and then played with Leela Gilday (and Tara Holloway and Jackie Valentine) at The Media Club in Vancouver. I got to see and hear so much great music while in B.C. I played on a show called Urban Rush on Shaw TV and I think I will have video of the performance soon that I can share with you. I play October 9th in Beachwood Canyon at The Beachwood song circle. UPCOMING SHOW: Besant Lodge Theosophical Society Church 2560 North Beachwood Drive Los Angeles, CA Created By Sara Melson More Info Entry by DONATION All ages/ refreshments and spirits served! With: JOHN GOLD CHARLIE WADHAMS JULIANNA RAYE ADRIENNE PIERCE SARA MELSON NEW REVIEWS: Pierce-ed through the heart with indie-pop vignettes. Deer, oh, dear!” Adrienne Pierce Oh Deer! Vancouver, BC Mixed by Dan Burns // Mastered by Dave Collins Adrienne Pierce, whose work has been featured on the indie-happy soundtracks of recent shows like Veronica Mars, releases her third full-length album - the cutesy, charming, folky indie-pop collection Oh Deer! On the first track, “Amargosa Hotel,” slide guitar is featured to give a dash of alt-country, while the base of the song remains a kind of spacey, reverby folk. “Museum” includes doo-wop backing vocals and sets the tone for a bubblegum (in the sense of a tight, infectiously hook-laden) indie-pop album. The next song, “Monsters,” is standout and could be seen as the Anglophone answer to her fellow twee-poppers and Québec-natives Tricot Machine’s 2007 cut, “Un monstre sous mon lit” (“A Monster Under My Bed”). A time-zone-crossed tale of love mixed with New Year’s Eve/Day, “Three Hours Ago,” follows, and is sung sweetly and tenderly by Pierce. Here, she uses an acoustic-guitar break to reflect on long-distance romance: “I wonder who you really are.” In “Arc de Triomphe,” Pierce plays with the clichés “speaks volumes” and “turn up the volume” to her lyrical benefit. The selection not to miss, however, is the funky “Come Over to My House,” which contains a rap that is quite choicely placed. The last three tunes on the disc are worth a listen as well, especially the bittersweet “Let’s Pretend.” All in all, Pierce builds on her track record of radio and TV friendly fare - that’s to say her music is catchy, lyrically nuanced, and not without its share of earnest moments. (Insectgirl Records) Andrew Palmacci Andrew Palmacci - Performer Magazine (Oct 1, 2010) CD Review Artist: Adrienne Pierce Title: Oh Deer Label: Insectgirl Records Released: June 2010 Reviewed By: Kindah Mardam Bey Oh Deer is Adrienne Pierce’s third studio album. With an already lengthy resume of film and TV credits to her previous albums it isn’t surprising that this entire album could be a soundtrack for any upcoming film or TV show. Some songs are made for soundtracks and with Adrienne Pierce’s almost child-like vocals and arty-pop music beats it is most likely this whole album could be optioned. Such lovely and melodious tracks as “Museum” and “Monsters” take the listener on an introspective journey akin to a reflective walk on an autumn day. Pierce is very talented and managed to cultivate a unique vocal that is instantly distinctive and memorable. Her vocals seem to be a cross between the youthfulness of Cyndi Lauper and the mildly melancholia of Tori Amos. Whether she has a similar style akin to Regina Spektor, Kate Havnevik or Amos, Adrienne Pierce’s songs are delicious to listen to. Adrienne Pierce’s songs are intelligent and her lyrics are particularly affecting, such as on the track “Come Over To My House” which is a sharp social commentary with a fantastic reggae-rap section contributed by Sirah. The tracks on Oh Deer seem effortless even though they took years to create and on multiple continents. Oh Deer feels like a pleasant conversation between two strangers, a momentary flirtation that makes you smile for the rest of the day, a warm cup of tea on a chilly afternoon; a great album to put in your iPod or in your CD player and just sit back and enjoy. Track Listing: 01. Amargosa Hotel 02. Black Sand 03. Museum 04. Monsters 05. Three Hours Ago 06. Arc De Triomphe 07. Nightswimming 08. Guilty of Everything 09. Come Over To My House 10. Winner Takes All 11. Let’s Pretend 12. Telescope Written by : Kindah Kindah Mardam Bey - Press+1 (Oct 3, 2010) Province Playlist: TV gives Adrienne Pierce her big break BY JOHN P. MCLAUGHLIN, SPECIAL TO THE PROVINCE SEPTEMBER 28, 2010 Adrienne Pierce independently released her third album, Oh Deer. Photograph by: Submitted photo, The Province There are a lot of ways to make money from a song, and West Vancouver's Adrienne Pierce figured out a good one early on: TV. It was all quite simple, really. She would look up the B.C. Director's Guild where it lists all the shows filming around here. The phone number was right there in the listing, so she'd call the production office, ask who was doing the music and could she send some of her work along? Her first big placement was on The Chris Isaak Show, the quirky and cool TV series filmed in Vancouver between 2001 and 2004. It was a hell of a first hit. "That's how I started -- I didn't know anything" says Pierce. "But it worked. And then I met people, got some lucky breaks where you meet somebody. One really nice guy put a lot of my songs in Edgemont and that helped me out a lot in the beginning." Then she signed with the management department at Nettwerk Records and their song-licensing division went hard to work with the rest of Pierce's catalogue. They re-released her first indie album, Small Fires, and her work began appearing on Grey's Anatomy, The Hills, Army Wives, The L Word and lots of other TV shows. Pierce relocated to Los Angeles to further her song-licensing and singer-songwriter career, and there would be two more albums with Nettwerk before they parted ways. It's been quite a meteoric rise, all things considered. She grew up singing around the house, driving family nuts, and took flute in school and learned to play piano. But it wasn't until she graduated in psychology from UBC that she learned to play guitar and quite suddenly started writing songs. She learned three chords, wrote a batch of tunes, learned another chord, wrote a bunch more, and on it went. Incredibly, two years later, she was on the Lilith Fair stage. "I had this friend who was really good and she's the first person who ever let me play somewhere," says Pierce. "She said, 'Come play Girls Rock the Boat in North Vancouver.' And I had some time and she asked if I would drop off her tape at Nettwerk to enter this contest to play Lilith Fair. While I was there, somebody who had seen me play recognized me and said I should drop off my tape, too. I always had them with me. So, lo and behold, they called me and said you're going to be at Lilith Fair this year. It was really shocking." Last week, Adrienne Pierce is independently releasing her third album, Oh Deer, and she'll be at the Media Club tonight ($10 at From that album, today's featured free download on the Province Playlist is "Monsters" "I wrote that so quickly," says Pierce "and I didn't know if it was any good when I was finished but a lot of people reacted really strongly to it. It was something I was experiencing, I had just broken up with someone when I wrote that song. It's about those little voices in your head that are putting you down and telling you things aren't okay. And you wake up in the morning and everything's fine. That you shouldn't listen to those voices if you can avoid it." © Copyright (c) The Province Read more: JOHN P. MCLAUGHLIN - The Province (Oct 3, 20

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